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About Us

“There is a kind of beauty in imperfection” - Conrad Hall 
Sabi’s name originates from the Japanese word for imperfection. It refers to a concept and aesthetic - a perspective that beauty lies in the imperfections and paradoxes of life.  

Sabi’s goal is to marry comfort with fashion. We do so by curating easy-to-wear garments that are made from light and breezy fabrics. Perfect for those fashion-forward women who are always on-the-go, our clothes help empower them to take control of their own narratives.   
It’s well-known that patriarchal societies believe mothers should stay home and just take care of their babies. But Sabi believes that a mother is strong enough to not just take care of her children, but also build her career. Our clothes help complement such women - whether they are nursing, giving a business presentation, or attending a party. In short, our collection offers something for all occasions. 
We design clothes for women from all walks of life - be it a homemaker or a working professional, someone pregnant or a young mother. Even women with a slightly modest dressing sense can come to Sabi for comfortable and easy to carry clothes.
Why Sabi? 
Sabi is a homegrown and no-plastic brand that offers western wear and maternity wear to women of all backgrounds. We believe in being a one-stop-shop for empowered women - be it at their homes or at the workplace - looking for comfortable and modish clothes.

When searching for maternity wear, Indian women tend to gravitate towards either plus size garments or Indian wear like kurtas or anarkalis. Sabi wants to change this. A zero-polyester brand, Sabi offers clothes that are breezy, lightweight, and comfortable. Our maternity range will fit you like a glove, enabling you to proudly show off that beautiful baby bump. They are also breastfeeding-friendly. 
At Sabi, we also understand the dangers of climate change and how all of us are racing against a clock to combat it. As such, we utilise ZERO PLASTIC in our packaging and proudly champion sustainability as an ethos. 
Company Name: Shades of Sabi