Meet the Team – Shadesofsabi

Meet the Team


One fine day, over a cup of chai, three women had an idea which at first seemed impossible to achieve, especially during the lockdown. But the thought never left our minds. We decided to take up the challenge and make Sabi happen. The thought of quitting our 9 to 5 jobs was terrifying, but we had each other’s backs! With a lot of deliberation and encouragement, we took a leap of faith, and thus, Sabi was born. 
Bhavi Madhu Sharma:
With years of experience as a designer in the industry, Bhavi has a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of fashion design. With her pulse on the latest trends in the world of fashion, Bhavi’s bubbly personality is reflected in Sabi’s colourful collection.  
Suchi Singh:
With comprehensive marketing experience at a leading fashion brand, Suchi knows how to bridge the gap between products and consumers. She is a logical problem solver and can take any challenge head-on. 

Sia Singh:
Fur Baby

The common thread that controls all of their hearts, Sia Singh is Shades of Sabi’s adorable pet. This Cocker Spaniel was the best cuddle partner on all those days when Sabi seemed like a far-fetched dream. She was always there to greet the team after long workdays and shower them with affection. The perfect stress buster! 

Our vision:

We want women to feel good about themselves. We also want to make fashionable and comfortable attire for women going through different phases of life. 

We are also empowering local artisans and providing employment to unemployed women. In fact, we are currently designing our next range with local artisans from small villages in Rajasthan.